For the hunter who loves to shoot, and shoot lengthy.

Do you shoot all yr lengthy and love the sound of lead hitting metal at over one thousand yards away? Do you install hours at the back of the trigger, practising the basics of marksmanship and getting to know to examine the wind? Do you want the choice to select among installed and verified cartridges in addition to the most up-to-date non-belted magnums that provide advanced ballistic coefficients and velocities in a wellknown period action? If so, that is the rifle for you.


  • Built at the maximum famous X-Bolt rifle ever, the Hell’s Canyon Speed, the Hell’s Canyon Long Range rifle takes the identical prevailing functions and provides a heavy sporter contour barrel for improved lengthy variety You nevertheless get all of the functions that made the X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed a best-promoting and game-converting rifle:
  • Exclusive A-TACS AU camouflagea sophisticated camouflage constituted of micro and macro styles to feature concealment intensive from various distances of perception.
  • Burnt Bronze Cerakoteat first evolved as an car factor end to offer improved cooling, Cerakote is a advanced non-reflective and corrosion-resistant coating in excessive call for for custom grade firearms. The receiver, barrel and uncovered floor vicinity of the bolt are all covered for an incredibly attractive appearance that complements characteristic and durability.
  • Fluted barrel – now no longer a brand new concept, but a long way from being a widespread characteristic on looking rifles, barrel fluting reduces the burden of the barrel, will increase the uncovered floor place of the barrel (decreasing barrel heating) and gives a inflexible barrel with much less
  • Threaded muzzle brake/Suppressor ready – a time-examined characteristic to tame the flinch of magnum calibers and all however do away with the kick of extra slight calibers, permitting shooters to take a look at downrange impacts. Included with the rifle is a thread protector so that you can get rid of the muzzle brake with out risking harm to the threads. The threaded barrel makes it that plenty less complicated to connect a legitimate suppressor, an an increasing number of famous protection fashion in huge sport.

Add to this all the custom grade features that come standard on the Browning X-Bolt:

  • Adjustable Feather Trigger
  • Free floated barrel, hand chambered with a goal crown
  • A short-throw bolt with 60° bolt lift • Inflex Recoil Pad
  • Bolt release button
  • Detachable rotary mag with inline cartridge feed


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