This evaluation of the Rock River Arms LAR-forty seven X-1 regarded withinside the June 2015 difficulty of American Rifleman. To join the mag, go to the NRA club web page right here and pick out American Rifleman as your member magnet.


its LAR-forty seven line, wherein all fashions are chambered for the intermediate-variety 7.62x39mm round, Rock River Arms now gives 4 options: CAR A4; Delta Carbine; Tactical Comp; and X-1 reviewed right here. Creating a dependable and correct 7.62x39mm-chambered AR is difficult for firearm engineers. One purpose is the wide disparity in AK magazines. The Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK-forty seven) is the world’s maximum prolific firearm layout, so even as the magazines for it are broadly to be had and commonly inexpensive, their dimensional specs and tolerances range greatly. Moreover, 7.62×39 mm ammunition is similarly inconsistent; it levels from new-production, superb masses from Hornady, Federal, Cor-Bon and Winchester to corrosive, early Cold War “discoveries”—and the whole thing in-between.

The result

 Production X-1 rifles reliably function with each broadly to be had military-surplus magazines and people from Rock River Arms. Some magazines, which includes the Magpul PMAG, have thicker lips that ought to be decreased for bolt provider clearance. The most effective different magazines that aren’t like minded with the X-1 are the ones from U.S. PALM, TAPCO and diverse AK drum-types. As for ammunition, the employer states that the LAR-forty seven X-1 is like minded with really all 7.62x39mm ammunition; the employer examined it till reaching almost a hundred percentage reliability. Similar to maximum traditional, AR-fashion rifles, the LAR-forty seven X-1 capabilities direct-impingement fueloline operation. Although Rock River Arms examined carbine- and mid-duration fueloline structures, the employer elected to transport ahead with the former, aleven though employer employees have referred to that mid- and rifle-duration fueloline structures can be supplied withinside the future.




 The layout uses a low-profile fueloline block. As the direct-impingement fueloline-operation gadget mimics that of the same old AR, so too does the configuration of the chromed bolt provider group; however, it ought to be cited that the X-1’s bolt and bolt provider, extractor, ejector, and firing pin aren’t interchangeable with LAR-15 (or AR-15) components, as they’re proprietary to the LAR-forty seven-collection rifles.



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