RUGER M77 1978



RUGER M77 1978

Ruger has found out that the cause overtravel adjustment set screw in some of its M77® bolt motion rifles synthetic among 1968 and 1991 won’t be securely tightened and can circulate too readily. This extrade in unique adjustment can, in severe cases, both motive the rifle to hearthplace unexpectedly (with the safety “off”) or motive the rifle to now no longer hearthplace at all. This can also additionally arise all at once and with out warning. 

How To Determine If Your M77® Is Subject To This Warning: Ruger  M77

 bolt movement rifles produced in later years have the set screw completely secured. These rifles have a “T” inscribed on the bottom of the bolt handle (see Figure 1). For your safety, we ask that each one proprietors of the M77 rifles (besides people with a “T” beneath the bolt handle) touch us for a brand new locking screw to update your gift overtravel modifications set screw.

Design and features

 From the beginning, the Ruger M77 turned into meant as a modernized Mauser 98, aleven though severa modifications have been made. Bill Ruger desired to apply funding casting in vicinity of a cast receiver. The Sullivan-designed bolt disbursed with the Mauser blade kind ejector and alternatively used the easier plunger fashion of ejector. A -function tang protection and redesigned cause gadget have been additionally designed from scratch. 



The M77 has passed through one minor and essential redesigns. The first extrade concerned incorporating a proprietary milled imperative with the receiver. The first rifles had easy rounded-pinnacle receivers drilled and tapped for separate scope mounts.

RUGER M77 1978

M77 Mark

The M77 become retooled nearly completely and reintroduced in 1991 because the Mark II. The protection, bolt, and cause had been mildly redesigned. 


In 2006, Ruger added new capabilities and a brand new call for his or her rifle, the Hawkeye. Major adjustments had been made to the cause gadget and the inventory become recontoured, however in any other case the rifle remained unchanged. The LC6 cause addressed court cases from clients approximately the Mark II cause to make it more secure than the sooner design. The LC6 cause is lighter and smoother.


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